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OpenStreetMap improvements

OpenStreetMap URL


October-November 2018: Main improvements to buildings/campus. Much better/more up to date than Google Maps's version actually in some areas (e.g. removal of Scum Pond, etc)!

August 2019: Major overhaul to campus map, more trees/grasslands.

September 2019: Added all bikeshare locations.

October 2019: Create Mussallem Union Pavilion (still to be named).

November 2019-January 2020: Further improvements and mapping more bike parking spots/trash/recycling bins. (Useful for commuters!) Also added indoor detail inside all res halls (zoom in here: Added eSports Center. Improved walking paths and general accuracy near southeast part of campus.


The OpenStreetMap (OSM) data for Rose-Hulman itself is licensed under the ODbL, but the tiles and documentation used on the OSM website are licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0. Source and for more information:

How to download the OSM data itself

Download the OSM data of the state of Indiana at:

Other sources of downloading it: /wiki/Downloading_data