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LibreOffice Writer

Important steps (do this before writing anything)

1. How to set the page margins correctly

Adapted from,_so_that_when_I_start_a_new_document_the_margins_will_be_1_inch%3F

First, create a new template:

  1. Open a new LibreOffice Writer document (Ctrl+N or go to File > New > Text Document).
  2. Choose Format > Page and select the Page tab.
  3. In the dialog box, adjust the margins as desired. Click OK to close the box.
  4. Choose File > Templates > Save as Template...
  5. Under Select Template Category:, select My Templates.
  6. In the blank space under the words Enter Template Name:, type a name for your template, such as "1in Margins" (without quotes).
  7. Click the checkbox that says Set as default template. It should appear filled in.
  8. Click Save to save the settings and close the dialog box.

In future, when you create a new LibreOffice Writer document (i.e. "Word document") it will have 1-inch margins.