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Why IntelliJ over Eclipse for CSSE374?

  • Useful keyboard shortcuts and "smarter" autocomplete to save you time (pressing Ctrl+Space makes autocomplete pop up)
  • Look into the source code of Java classes (such as imports), to speed up finding examples to use for the UML Diagram Generator project
  • Can help you remove unnecessary code and even fix some logic errors.
  • Also detects some duplicate code (but not duplicate logic). Do not rely on it though. Please look through your own code as it may miss some things.
  • It supports multiple packages (important for CSSE374's presentation/domain/data_source "layer" separation, those are 3 packages and Eclipse does weird stuff with them)

Getting an IntelliJ Pro License Key FOR FREE as a Rose student

They are free for Rose students (and many others with a .edu email)! I recommend taking advantage of it!

Apply for a key here (it usually takes 1 hour to get the key):

Installation in Arch Linux

Install yay: sudo pacman -S yay

And then type: yay -S intellij-idea-ultimate-edition (you might have to type in your password, but for security reasons you can't run yay as root by doing sudo yay ...)