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This content may not be relevant as of 4/22/20. It is still provided for historical purposes


This page lists specific information for using the Eclipse IDE that can be helpful in Rose-Hulman classes.

For now, tutorials on troubleshooting issues in Eclipse will be published. This page may be expanded later depending on demand.


General troubleshooting guide for Eclipse

If you want to troubleshoot these issues yourself, when the program crashes, go to (eclipse workspace directory)/.metadata/.log (you will need to show hidden files/folders or use the terminal).

Then open a text editor/text viewer and scroll down to the last line. Work your way up until you find something useful, then google it. (i.e. Try googling more specific errors (instead of just ones at the top that say java.lang.NullPointerException or StackOverflowException). The stacktrace (after the error description with "at [internal Eclipse package name]") is rarely useful unless you need specific information about a plugin, etc.)

Your error might not be described exactly. But you may find useful information that will lead you to the solution.