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(This is the 2018 version, we do not have a backup of our 2019 version. The only main difference is that we removed the Vice President position and split the sysadmin position in 2019. We made some other minor changes too, I don't remember those.)

This is here for SGA stuff, and it follows the general template that the SGA uses.

Article I Name

The official name of the organization is the Rose-Hulman Linux Users Group (RHLUG or just LUG).

Article II Objectives

  1. To introduce alternative operating systems to anyone interested.
  2. To provide a good community where Rose-Hulman students, faculty, and staff can get help from each other with open source software.
  3. To provide computation resources for Rose-Hulman students, faculty, and staff.
  4. To encourage the use of Free Software and Open Standards.

Article III Membership

  • Be a currently enrolled student at RHIT
  • Attend at least three of the last 9 meetings, unless he/she is unable to attend because of academic conflicts with the approval of a majority vote of the officers
  • To be able to vote you have to be active in online communications

Article IV Officers

Officers and Duties

Coordinate activities and keeping the club running.
Vice President
Helps the president with whatever he/she needs and act as the president when he/she is not present.
Organizes locations of events and keeps track of important stuff.
Manage everything that has to do with money for the club.
Server Administrator
Maintain all LUG servers and other hardware.


  • Must be currently enrolled Rose-Hulman students
  • Must attend 75% of all events


  • Special elections will be held as needed during regular scheduled meetings to fill vacant officer positions.
  • Regular elections will be held during the regular meeting 8th week of winter quarter.
  • Officers are elected for a one year term effective immediately after the meeting.
  • Candidates can nominate themselves, or can accept a nomination from another member.
  • Only voting members can be nominated, but any member can nominate someone else.
  • Nominations and voting should start at the President position, and then move down the Officers and Duties list.
  • The new officer will be determined by majority vote.


In the highly unlikely event where it is required, an officer may be impeached if he/she no longer does what he/she is supposed to for his/her position. They can be removed from the position if there is a two thirds majority vote of voting members.

Presidential Succession

  1. In the event that the President is unable to do what he/she is supposed to do, the following order of succession will be used until a special election is held:
    1. Vice President
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Server Admin

Article V Advisor

  • The advisor shall be a member of the faculty/staff of Rose-Hulman. He/She shall assist the officers, and offer knowledge and wisdom to all participating members.
  • The term for an advisor is one year.
  • During elections it should be voted if we want to keep the current advisor by majority. If the majority votes for a new advisor then he/she should be elected at the next meeting.

Article VI Meetings

  • There should be at least 1 meeting per month excluding June, July, and August.

Article VIII Constitution


  1. Changes to the constitution must be ratified by two-thirds majority of voting members.
  2. It will take effect when approved by The Student Affairs Committee or its designated representative.