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IP Address


If this doesn't work, try mc.rhlug.org:25565 or

The server is compatible with versions up to Minecraft 1.16.3.

Playing will not count against your bandwidth!

To Access Off Campus

You will need to access the GlobalProtect VPN. Click here for instructions for how to do so on Linux and Windows.

Server Commands

/lobby: Go to the lobby server

/server {lobby, pvp, pve, creative} (e.g. /server pvp): Go to your current position in another server, or the spawn of that server if you haven't joined that one yet

/spawn: Go to spawn

/sethome: Set a home (Essentials)

/home: Go to a certain home (Essentials)

/tpa {Minecraft player username}: Send teleport request to a player

/tpaccept: Accept teleport request from a player

(NOTE: /home no longer redirects to the main server as of 10/8/2020, to allow people to use Essentials homes. You should use /lobby instead.)




- PvP

- PvE

- Creative

Server Upgrades

  • A New Minecraft Server: Planned for November break, plenty of ideas are rolling in the Discord/being sent through email!
    • Need some ideas?: Here are some starting thoughts. What modpacks, mods, or world seeds should it have?

Server Plugins and Configuration

To be updated soon: https://github.com/RHLUG-Org/MC-Project-Documentation-and-Scripts

Bungeecord is installed on each server. 1 server (Lobby, PvP, PvE, Creative) per CPU core with Bungeecord = better performance.

We are not posting banned players' names, UUIDs, or any other personal information in this configuration for privacy reasons. We would never do things like that.

This configuration is being used to help people understand how the server works and get ideas for other builds, or to improve this server.

Server Specs


Planned Maintenance Periods

  • TBD, whenever everyone's inactive: networking upgrades
  • Sometime before November Break: add new server (minimal downtime expected)


We are coming up with a solution soon. The reason for the delay is that we need to work with EIT to keep the Rose-Hulman network secure. Keep an eye out for any announcements!

Server FAQ

Please read before asking a question as it saves us time to help improve the server. If you have a similar question, please go ahead. But if it's an exact duplicate, please read before asking. If you'd like something clarified, please DO ask and we will update the FAQ accordingly. There are some things in PvP that have to be kept random/secret to make the game fair for everyone.

  • I cannot place or break blocks. Why is that?
    • You cannot place or break blocks on the lobby server. I intentionally set it up this way because the lobby server is meant to be a hub for the other servers. You can only break blocks outside of the yellow square boundary on the PvP, PvE, or Creative worlds.
      The borders are now more explicit in the PvP, PvE, and Creative worlds. They are marked with yellow blocks. Step outside of it and you should be able to add blocks, etc. You cannot add/destroy blocks inside the yellow-blocked square area.
      It was intentionally set up that way so that people move out from spawn instead of blocking other people from getting resources (which is what happened in the original PvP world in the past).
  • How do I teleport to a different server while keeping my position in my current world?
    • Simple. Either type /home and go to another portal, or type /server {pvp, pve, creative} (pick one of pvp, pve or creative) to go to another server.
      Your position will be saved automatically once you return.
  • What is the world seed for the PvP world?
    • I apologize, we cannot reveal the seed. This has to be kept random to make the game fair for everyone. Others in the Discord chat have suggested that this be random.
  • What's your favorite color?
    • I like green.
  • Why is the server laggy/down?
    • We have set up notifications to notify us when the server is laggy or down, which will help us. We are doing our best to respond, if you see a problem, please let us know in the Discord!
      Also, not all lag can be eliminated, but we have really good server hardware designed to stop most of it. We limit view distance to reduce some lag, and may install additional plugins to mitigate more lag depending on demand.
      If on campus
      Please check whether you're connected to eduroam. Some areas of campus (e.g. near Hunt Street) don't usually have a fast connection to eduroam.
      If off campus
      Please check whether you're connected to the VPN and your internet connection has a low enough latency/ping time (preferably less than 50ms).

Server Maintainers and Testers

Please contact with to report security concerns, critical questions (if not addressed by anyone in the Discord), or any server behavior concerns. People are more likely to respond to questions on the Discord.

Nick von Bulow (vonbulno [at] rose-hulman [p3ri0d] edu)

Jacob Rosenberg (rosenbjg [at] rose-hulman [p3ri0d] edu)

+2 more (if you want your names here, please ask us, we'll assume you don't want it posted publicly unless you say otherwise, for privacy reasons)

Server Managers