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Welcome to the RHLUG Wiki! For more information on what this is, please see Wiki Information.

Click here for information about the Minecraft Server.

If you want to talk, join our Telegram group at


Due to COVID-19, meetings will be held virtually until the near future.

We will not make in-person mandatory to be counted for attendance, and there will be other ways besides coming to meetings to be counted for attendance, such as showing interest in the Telegram. We want to make this club open and fair for everyone, so anyone who is sick will not be at a disadvantage.

How to Join Virtual Meetings

  • If you don't have Ungoogled Chromium/Chromium/Chrome, click on one of the links here to get a tutorial for how to use the desktop app or the mobile app. Be sure to type RHLUG-Virtual-Meeting in the "enter a name for your conference" or "enter room name" box.

Meeting Times for 2020 Fall Quarter

  • Week 10 Meeting (Official) - To be determined by member interest - Tuesday 11/10/2020 from 7pm-8pm EST

Meeting Times for 2020 Winter Quarter

  • Week 2 Meeting (Official) - Tuesday 12/8/2020 from 7pm-8pm EST
  • Week 3 or 4 or 5 Meeting (Official) - Look out for a meeting time poll!
    • This one is weird. Due to Winter Break starting right on Tuesday, we will likely have a meeting time poll to figure out the time for this meeting. We will also ask whether you want this to be either a Week 3, Week 4, or a Week 5 meeting so that you can more easily remember the day it will be on.
  • Week 6 Meeting (Official) - Time TBD by poll
  • Week 8 Meeting (Official) - Time TBD by poll [Club Election Week!]
  • Week 10 Meeting (Official) - To be determined by member interest - Time TBD by poll

Locations, dates, and times may change (especially if school closes sometime during the quarter due to COVID-19). Join the Telegram group to be notified of these changes immediately.

There are no official club meetings during finals week or breaks.


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