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Our plan for this wiki is to document anything specific to using Linux at Rose-Hulman. We'll show you some other resources where you can learn up-to-date information on how to use Linux, open-source software, or server management, just to make things less cluttered.

We're currently migrating/updating the information from:

  • the wiki from 2019, and we have a backup of only a few pages from in March 2018, sadly. Some of it is no longer relevant though, so new information will take its place.
  • the old wiki, which we have a badly cached version of here since it has stability issues.

This wiki is hosted on Rose-Hulman's campus servers using the MediaWiki and MariaDB Docker containers over a network for ease of setup. An important fix to get the style CSS to load was to simply move load.php into /var/www/html instead of sitting in /var/www (cd /var/www/html && mv ../load.php .). For SSL certificates, we use and ran `a2enmod ssl` inside of the MediaWiki container while editing /root/.getssl/getssl.cfg to use the production server instead of staging server.

Previously, it was hosted on Amazon AWS using the Bitnami MediaWiki Stack, but we stopped due to the AWS Free Tier 12-month period expiring.