Setting up Evolution with Rose Emails

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Thanks to for providing these intstructions

  • Install Evolution and Evolution-ews on your distribution of choice.
  • Open Evolution and select Edit -> Accounts.
  • Then, click Add -> Mail Account.
  • Click next to begin.
  • For your Identity, put your full name and then your Rose-Hulman email address as your email address.
  • Uncheck the box labelled "Look up mail server details based on the entered e-mail address", then click next.
  • For the configuration, put the following details:
 Server Type: Exchange Web Services
 Username: [Full Rose-Hulman email address]
 Host URL:
 OAB URL: [Leave blank for now]  Authentication: OAuth2 (Office 365)
  • Check the box for "Override Office365 OAuth2 settings", then input the following:
Application ID: [Leave the default]
Tenant ID: 6c373827-e5b7-45a7-ae27-b17e388fcad4
  • If your tenant ID doesn't work, you can get the correct one from It is the Directory ID from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology directory.
  • Click next.
  • Set your Receiving Options according to user preference. Click next.
  • Set the name of the account to whatever you want. Click next.
  • Click apply. A login box should open for your Rose-Hulman account.
  • Login in to your Rose-Hulman account in the box. The window should close and the account will be added, but will fail to sync.
  • Right click on the newly created account and select Properties. Click the Receiving Email tab. Make sure that the Host URL is still an office365 domain, and not Rose-Hulman.
  • Click Fetch URL, the button next to the Host URL text box. The OAB URL should now be something like "";.
  • Click OK.