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Welcome to the RHLUG Wiki! For more information on what this is, please see Wiki Information.

👾 Click here for information about the Minecraft Server.

Get In Touch!

Chat With Us on These Platforms
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Want to come to our next meeting?

  • Check out our website for the latest meeting time and location.
  • If you would like to join a meeting virtually, please send us a message on Matrix, Telegram, or Discord and we will set a text/audio/video chat up at
    • If you don't have a supported browser, here are tutorials for how to use the desktop app or the mobile app. Be sure to type RHLUG-Virtual-Meeting in the "enter a name for your conference" or "enter room name" box.
  • Or you can type /meeting in the Minecraft server thanks to a custom plugin, MeetingGrabber, available on GitHub!


Class Software


Other Software

Linux Tutorials

(To be updated, with links to new resources)


Rose-Hulman Laptops


Want to buy a new one for yourself
if yours broke after college, or you're just curious?
Well here you go:


LUG Stuff



Official Stuff

Wiki Information

See Wiki Information.