Lenovo ThinkPad w541

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Tech Specs

The 2015 laptop given to Rose students has the following specs:

Processor Intel Core i7 4710QM
RAM 8 GB @ ??? DDR3 (1x8GB SODIMM sticks)
Solid State Drive SATA3 256 GB (approx. 238.42 GiB) Solid State Drive (theoretical max 600MB/s)
Optical Drive DVD+/-RW Multi Recorder
Display 15.6" FHD 1920x1080
Video Card Nvidia Quadro K1100M (Kepler architecture) w/ 2GB GDDR5 RAM (unknown if it supports Vulkan, should support OpenGL)
Network Cards ??? wireless, Gigabit (1Gb/s) Ethernet and PxE (network) boot via built-in Ethernet port
Battery 9 cell Lithium-Ion ??? WHr
USB (2) USB 3.0 and (2) USB 2.0
Pointing Devices Lenovo's red stick-like pointing device (pointstick), ??? brand trackpad
External Video Port Probably just VGA, no HDMI afaik
Integrated Webcam 720p integrated webcam