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This page is for in case anyone wants to see if locations changed or topics of the club meeting were changed to help officers/students make future club decisions and understand previous ones.

This is different from the meeting minutes because the minutes are a summary of ALL of the things we did in each meeting, this contains more bullet point/list summaries of what the IMPORTANT things were that we did at each meeting.

This might be condensed into the meeting minutes section later. Done. I want to keep this data somewhere just so everyone can remember what was on the main page without cluttering it.

Fall Quarter 2018

To accommodate everyone's schedule and to help make the club more interesting to you (because Rose doesn't give you very much free time outside of class), club meetings are open hours, like the Rose Tech Radio Club (in case you aren't familiar).

Basically, if you show up, it counts as attendance. All club officers should stay the whole meeting.

All official club meetings will be on Monday at 6:30pm-7:30pm in Olin O169 unless marked with a * next to the name of the meeting (meaning that the time or location is different).

There are no official club meetings during finals week or Fall break.

Locations may change at any time. Join the Telegram group to be notified of these changes immediately.

Note: From Week 7 during 2018 Fall Qtr., meeting dates and times have changed.

Also, from next quarter on, we most likely will make a final decision on whether to have weekly meetings vs meetings every 2 weeks. A poll will be posted in Telegram chat before this happens (after the meeting time/date has changed).

Previous Meetings

  • Week 10 Meeting (OFFICIAL) - Mon, Nov. 5 at 6:30pm - meeting minutes posted on wiki. Drone project mini mission/test flight completed on Nov. 11 at 3-4pm. Data is posted onto the RHLUG Nextcloud server. To conserve server bandwidth from outside sources and spambots, only people in the Telegram group can have the link to this data. The images are "geotagged", meaning the GPS data is embedded in the picture file itself (metadata) in what's called the "EXIF" data of the image (when you view it in the Okular image viewer, use exiftool, or similar in Linux or right click on a picture > Properties in Windows).
  • Week 8 Meeting (OFFICIAL) - meeting minutes posted on wiki. Change: our club meetings are open hours to accommodate different schedules. This change and the meeting time change was very beneficial to meeting attendance and officer attendance. We had ~6 members show up sometime during open hours during Week 8, which is really good.
  • Week 7 Meeting (UNOFFICIAL, will not count against officer/active member status if you decide not to show up (it will count for officer/active member status if you decide to show up)) - Meeting time change was successful! Meeting minutes posted on wiki.
  • Week 6 Meeting - Wed October 10 (Date was confirmed, but meeting rescheduled due to fall break conflicts)
  • Week 4 Meeting - Wed September 26 - We did not present because we have enough members show up. Instead, we just had a nice tech chat about different CPUs, hardware, and ZFS (which is a type of filesystem for Linux that acts like a software RAID/cache).

For anyone new to Linux, I have created a presentation located at RHLUG nextcloud that explains what it is and what our club does. Let us know in the Telegram group if you want us to present it next meeting.

See Meeting_Minutes/September_26,_2018 for these meeting's minutes.

  • Installfest* - Wed September 12 (Week 2) Meeting location changed to Olin O167 because of a better Ethernet connection.

A great success! See HP ZBook Studio G4 for specific Linux installation instructions on the freshman laptop. Thank you all for coming!

See Meeting_Minutes/September_12,_2018 for these meeting's minutes.