Meeting Minutes/October 22, 2018

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Week 8, official meeting

Major decisions: Meeting date changed to Monday at 6:30pm to avoid other club conflicts. Meetings are now open hours like the Rose Tech Radio Club to allow flexibility w/ schedules. 2 officers and about 5 members were present.

Next plan of action for project/focus: getting funding (important, otherwise we likely can't do 3D model part of project), and planning who has a drone/where to fly drone, then get FAA approval

Project planning: - Discussed Agisoft Photoscan and drones for the upcoming project to map 3D model of campus. We decided to use Agisoft software ($550)

   - Funding still needed, OTFR (through SGA) or marketing dept
   - Deciding how to map each part of the campus for the project
   - Discussing Hinton server specs for memory constraints for creating the 3D model - it has 128 GiB of memory so it will work fine
   - Chunks are OK as a way to get parts of the project done
   - Agisoft has a "point cloud" model and a "tiled" model (which is what we want)

- Drone images will likely be available publicly/open sourced under a nonrestrictive license - Our 3D model will be public/open sourced under a noncommercial license to comply w/ Agisoft's noncommercial terms - We're finding someone with a DJI or similar drone, Jacob has an iPad - Another idea is to scan pictures of interior buildings (probably w/ panorama camera or 360 camera?) - DroneDeploy is useful for mapping the campus