Meeting Minutes/November 5, 2018

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Week 10, official meeting

Major decisions: Meeting date changed to Monday at 6:30pm-7:30pm to avoid other club conflicts and in O169 instead of O103 (has ethernet for installfest and a better room in general since it's newer) (reiterating just to make that change clear for anyone who's reading this). Meetings are now open hours like the Rose Tech Radio Club to allow flexibility w/ schedules. 2 officers and 1 member were present. But people were also actively participating in the telegram chat :) Mainly because of Week 10's chaotic schedule...

- Discussed RockPro vs Pinebook

- We will be doing a Reallocation sometime for rockpro

- It has features we need for more demos and experimentation like PCIe and RAID

- also we will reallocate SGA funds for other server stuff at the end of fall quarter->beginning of winter quarter in telegram group (server improvements)

- Moving the website, wiki VMs to a new server and improve some hardware

- Discussed drone stuff

- Amruth - will probably sell his UAV to get a DJI Mavick drone, telegram group

- Shihao Han - asking in telegram group

- We will probably fly it at the end of fall quarter once we get FAA approval, do a few test flights, then fly it around campus when the weather is not rainy/no snow on campus (to keep drone warm enough to operate)*

- If all else fails... spring quarter 2019! More time for experimentation!

- If the wiki is down, it is usually due to memory issues from the spam bots. We hope to fix this soon. Sometimes it goes back up just fine (phew). But other times... not so much.

  • edit-drone can operate just fine in cold conditions. it's just that we get better images before snow sticks. I now understand that.