Meeting Minutes/March 14, 2018

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Constitution and Budget Discussion

4 people showed up to this meeting, 3 were officers.


The constitution was reworded and revised significantly from the old constitution.

Articles III and IV were heavily revised. There was a lot of club input in the constitution.

Email reminders/use the mailbounce more often - this was a point that wasn't covered that much during the meeting but that we should remember to improve this.


  • The new proposed budget is planned to include the price of the UPS batteries planned to be used for the club servers.
  • We also discussed moving to a different server structure for the LUG servers instead of using 20 NICs.
  • We weren't sure if the Pinebooks (as an alternative to Raspberry Pi) was suitable for showing the different uses of Linux on different hardware, but ultimately we decided that it would benefit the club if members would use it.