Meeting Minutes/December 3, 2018

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RHLUG meeting minutes - 12-3-18

all officers/4 members present - Very good for first meeting!

Migrated from Nextcloud->Owncloud (because of the locked down documentation NC has/better owncloud features we're looking for - more extensions, delta sync, NFS share mounting, etc.)

Discussing server configurations for the new HP c6000 server blade

Currently we have 64/32/24/16/12/8 core nodes

We're deciding which blades to use for the computing-intensive applications (like Photoscan)

-> It gets complicated for those

For lower-core blades, we might put owncloud on there (less compute-intensive/more internet traffic)

other discussions:

open-source 3D printers with raspberry pi

-> logic board problems!

-> Different 3D printing materials (ABS, PLA, etc)