Meeting Minutes/December 17, 2018

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The secretary (me) was not present because I had an exam during the club meeting. The meeting was cancelled because there was no one in the room (O169) during the meeting time.

All relevant discussion from the meeting was done in the Telegram group later.

We didn't have much going on that week. In the Telegram group, we generally discussed problems with Arch and issues with the Nvidia graphics drivers. We got the wiki and website back up over break (thanks officers!)

We have received the Rockpro64 board. We will be using that instead of the Pinebook (because it is more powerful) and plan to submit a reallocation request to SGA to cover the costs after break. It took 4 weeks to ship and deliver, as expected.

Our plans are to test a RAID configuration with a few spare hard drives, and probably try out some graphics stuff.

Secretary's note: playing around with the Intel FPGA design board looked cool. You can really learn a lot about FPGA and how the board outputs a video signal to HDMI. I want to look at it again sometime, maybe during a future meeting.