Dell Precision 5520/AlphaCubed's libinput-gestures Config

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Place the following in /home/YOURUSERNAME/.config/libinput-gestures.conf (see for details about how to apply it)

# Generated by Gestures 0.2.2  -->
# Manual editing might result in data loss!

# Invalid lines

# Unsupported lines

# Swipe threshold (0-100)
#swipe_threshold 20 # Do not worry about this, I was just testing this earlier because it used to work fine.

# Gestures
gesture swipe up 4 xdotool key Ctrl+F9
gesture swipe down 4 xdotool key Ctrl+F9
gesture pinch out 2 xdotool key Ctrl+plus
gesture pinch in 2 xdotool key Ctrl+minus