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Linux Install Instructions

Adapted from https://github.com/RHIT-CSSE/csse332/tree/master/Homework/LinuxInstall (thanks for the instructions!)

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, make sure you have a code (text) editor installed such as VSCode, Atom, Kate (KDE app), vim, emacs, etc.

Installing Required Packages on Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt-get install gcc git valgrind qemu bin86 nasm bcc hexedit bochs bochs-sdl

Installing Required Packages on Arch/Manjaro Linux

Some packages have to be installed from the AUR, some from the Arch/Manjaro repos themselves, specifically bcc.

bochs-sdl is not the way to install the SDL display library for Bochs on Arch/Manjaro Linux (it is on Ubuntu/etc., source: https://wiki.osdev.org/Bochs).

You can install sdl from the Arch/Manjaro repos to get the SDL library. I think Bochs will work with this installed, it may have been built w/ SDL by default and work directly on Arch.

First, run:

sudo pacman -S sdl gcc git valgrind qemu bin86 nasm hexedit bochs (I put sdl first to avoid confusion between bochs-sdl, the plugin and sdl, the library itself)

Next, install an AUR helper such as yay (e.g. using yaourt -S yay - DO NOT RUN THIS AS ROOT) - check https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AUR_helpers#Pacman_wrappers for different ones, you want one with a diff view for security reasons/to inspect packages), then run (if you installed yay, it is this, but if not, it is different - see its documentation for how to do -S/installing):

yay -S bcc

(If you want, you can install bcc-tools just in case you need them for some reason by running:

yay -S bcc-tools)

If you prefer, you can build the AUR packages yourself (see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_User_Repository#Installing_packages for instructions).